The Hardware Set Up of the equipment is completed by a local trained technician that will assemble the Copier, Wide Format Copier or Printer along with all of its accessories. This includes Finisher, High Capacity Feeders and Printing Controllers. During the installation, the technician will ensure that the equipment is properly assembled and aligned in its final location. The technician will also ensure that the copier is printing properly as the manufacturer intended. This includes checking the color, registration and also ensuring that there are no jams present.


Our Installation includes the set up of all required software in order to run the copier. All drivers and Printing software will be installed on up to 3 workstations with the possibility of adding more workstations for a low fee. Please let us know ahead of time if you are running a Windows or Mac environment.


The Networking installation will be completed by a trained IT Technician. The Copier, Wide Format Copier or Printer will be connected to your already existing network. Depending on the complexity of your local network, it is recommended that your local IT Manager is available during the installation.