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Savin Copiers and Wide Format Printers On Sale!
Copiers-On-Sale specializes in Savin copiers and wide formats. And we makes it our mission to keep our loyal customers 100% satisfied when they buy copiers and printers. One sure way to achieve this is to put our multifunction copiers permanently on sale. That?s why our customers can stop surfing the web for a better deal on a Savin copier. Copiers-On-Sale is the leading online copier dealer with access to the broadest selection of Savin machines. Whether you?re looking for a black-and-white Savin copier or color Savin copier, Copiers-On-Sale is the online destination for you. All of our copiers are sold at liquidation prices you just won?t believe. So call us now toll-free at 1-855-955-9855 and request a free quote for your Savin copier of interest. Be sure to ask about our floor models and repossessed Savin copiers.

Purchase Energy Efficient Savin Machines: Big business is smart. Many printer copier manufacturers proudly tout their new energy efficient machines. Office machine suppliers know that green is in. And, to get more of your green, they are happy to make their printer copiers more energy efficient by providing things like auto switch off.

Even if these machines cost a bit more than other machines, if you couple them with green initiatives in your office, you can more than recoup the savings. And, not for anything, we?re all in this together. How much is a clean planet worth to you and your children?


45 Color PPM
45 B/W PPM


85 Color PPM
85 B/W PPM


65 Color PPM
65 B/W PPM


6,7 B/W PPM


80 Color PPM
80 B/W PPM


65 Color PPM
65 B/W PPM


60 Color PPM
60 B/W PPM


31 Color PPM
31 B/W PPM


30 Color PPM
30 B/W PPM


30 Color PPM
30 B/W PPM


90 B/W PPM


75 B/W PPM